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RadComm Systems was started in 1992 with the mandate of supplying the steel industry with leading edge radiation detection systems but with the added goal of helping to customize the systems being developed to the unique needs of each customer. This was an innovative approach even then as the standard in the industry was that each customer needed to adapt rather than have a system adapted to them. Radcomm work with clients to  understand their unique needs, design changes that accommodated these needs and implemented and supported these customized applications.

 At RadComm, we see product innovation as the result of bringing to life a new way to solve a customer’s problem that benefits both the customer as well as RadComm. This has been the perspective that we have always taken with the evolution of our products and services and is exemplified in the development of our revolutionary Cricket Radiation Detection System. We recognized a tremendous need in the steel industry to be able to monitor scrap at close proximity prior to loading it into hi-vol vehicles or charge buckets. There was a gap in this area as most radiation detection systems had only provided an area monitor from a great distance. RadComm developed a new innovative approach to this gap by developing a system that could be mounted on a grapple and would allow close proximity scans to the scrap without disruption to ongoing production processes. This system has now been implemented across a number of steel companies with great success.

 RadComm’s commitment to innovation continues with their development of a new Supervisory Panel that allows Radiation Safety Officers (RSO) to monitor multiple systems in a facility from one interface. This simplifies the management of several radiation detection systems within large and complex customer plants. The Panel supports remote access to each individual system for maintenance and changes, enables real-time access and monitoring, receives alerts from each system and enables RSOs to ensure ongoing integrity of their radiation detection processes across their firms. 


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