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Sennebogen Mobile Electric Excavator

Sennebogen 825 Mobile Electric Excavator with ceiling power supply

Working closely with the customer, nothing is impossible when it comes to electrifying a mobile Material Handler.   Zero Emissions means the worker's well being is considered and you can save up to 50% in running costs over a conventional diesel powered unit.   With the largest range of Material Handlers from Sennebogen and working with us as a reliable partner, virtually nothing is impossible.


Genset Super Sale


German made Hydraulic Gensets

The generator will have a dedicated hydraulic system pump, solenoid valve, return line filter etc. separate and independent of the original excavator hydraulic systems.

Key advantages of installing the GTS hydraulic system and generator package are:

  • The independent pump design ensures generator performance is not affected when other functions are operated on the machine
  • Short circuit safety switching via electronics for safety meeting the Australian Standards for magnets
  • Proven long life system using quality components
  • 100% duty cycle generator with dash display for magnet duty cycle


Price for supply & installation: $30,000.00 each plus GST

This price is subject to confirmation and location once order is received.

Pacific Materials Handling is fully qualified to supply and install the generators on any excavator and magnet.

We have 1100-1300mm magnets available and Rotobec grabs and magnet grab options ex stock.  




Price for supply & installation: $30,000.00 each plus GST



Boom 2-17

Our customer magazine "BOOM"

"Well worth a read, lots of interesting reports, wide variety of content"

These are just some of the comments from readers of our publication BOOM.

The edition of December 2017 once again provides a great selection with interesting reports and information from all over the world.

You will be surprised at all the places our machines are used.

 Click to download the Latest Boom Magazine





Pulse Technology

Pulse Technology™ Named a Top 100 New Product of 2017 by Construction Equipment Magazine

 In evaluating products for the Top 100, Construction Equipment editors look for advances in technology, new product lines, significant improvements to existing products, or a product that increases competition in its field.
Genesis Pulse Technology™, introduced in April, is the first-of-its-kind, cloud-based attachment performance monitoring system.
Using integrated sensors throughout both hydraulic circuits, Pulse Technology™ delivers live diagnostic measurements for critical Genesis attachment functions including jaw pressure, jaw circuit oil temperature, bi-directional rotation pressure, rotation circuit oil temperature, and rotational speed and flow. It also monitors true attachment operation with data for hours, cycles, rotations and elapsed run time.
The web and mobile app platform displays live and historical data, and data can also be exported for detailed performance charting and analysis.




Maxcab from SENNEBOGEN

New Maxcab from SENNEBOGEN takes comfort to the next level

With the new Maxcab, one of the best cabs around is about to get even better. More room, more comfort, a better view and even quieter inside than before – these are the key benefits that all drivers of SENNEBOGEN machines will now be able to enjoy. The machine manufacturer from Straubing will be presenting its new comfort cab to a large audience on the occasion of a major in-house exhibition and the company's 65th anniversary.

 SENNEBOGEN launched the first generation of the Maxcab in 2006, and the cab went on to set a new benchmark for material handlers, duty cycle cranes and other cranes for many years. With the innovations introduced at the time, the drivers of SENNEBOGEN machines experienced a huge improvement in comfort, ergonomics and safety. The sliding door, which was introduced over 10 years ago and makes getting into and out of the cab much easier, is particularly worthy of note.

More room

The new version of the Maxcab is 70 mm longer, and the driver will notice the extra space immediately. This not only makes the driver feel less cramped, but also provides extra space for an electric cooler and a storage area for documents and folders behind the driver seat. The flexibly adjustable and air-conditioned driver seat, which was previously presented at bauma 2016, and the consoles and ergonomic joysticks that move with the seat create the perfect environment in the cab for long periods of fatigue-free work. The workstation can be individually adjusted to the size and weight of every driver, ensuring the best possible working posture.

 Ideal view and optimized ergonomics

The sliding door continues to provide the same convenient, safe access to the cab. In fact, the opening width of the door has been enlarged compared to the previous model. The cab windshield has been pulled down to the base plate, optimizing the view to the front in material handlers in particular. Together with the large side window panels, this provides a panoramic view over the entire work environment. The new floor mat is flush with the access opening, making the floor easy to clean. All of the operating elements are easy to understand and intuitive to operate. There are charging sockets for electrical and electronic devices on the right behind the driver seat to ensure that all necessary devices are always ready for use. Additional storage places in the interior keep things tidy and within reach inside the cab.

 Optimum climate – strong solutions down to the last detail

The air conditioning in the cab has been further improved by means of optimized air conduction with a total of 9 outlet nozzles. The SENNEBOGEN Maxcab remains unique thanks to its optimal distribution of cooling air throughout the interior – even at a high cooling output, the air is blown in at a pleasantly low speed via outlets distributed around the cab, even at roof height. Furthermore, the cab still features a side window panel which can be opened in the driver door and an adjustable windshield which now has an improved operating mechanism, both of which help to ensure a pleasant working environment. The window panels behind the B-column are tinted and reduce the amount of cooling power required for the cab.

New design – less noise

Designers were involved in the development of the new Maxcab right from the start. As a result, the cab boasts a smart design which meets all of the constructional specifications and implements them in a functional manner. This means that the design composition and features which aid recognition underline functional elements; for example, the green cover of the air filter with easy access for servicing. The developers of the new cab were also able to use sound-absorbing materials and structural solutions to significantly reduce the noise level in the cab once again.
SENNEBOGEN prioritized higher-quality solutions during the design and development process – a strategy which will be evident to every driver working in the cab.

 Important options to suit the application

The new Maxcab will be used in most material handlers, but also in duty cycle, telescopic and crawler cranes. The Maxcab is also able to cope with the varying  requirements of different drivers extremely well, as a wealth of different options enable machine operators to tailor the cab to their needs during the project planning stage. These options include a wide range of protective grating and glazing variants incl. armored glass, as well as roof windows with wipers and an integrated sunshield in the roof.




Tough Handling Equipment

Rotobec is a privately owned business established in Quebec, Canada in 1975. The introduction of the rotating hydraulic system was an important innovation in the forestry industry. This technological leap was revolutionary in improving the efficiency of end user operations. Throughout the years, Rotobec has added several products to their line, which are commonly used in scrap recycling, waste handling, railroad maintenance and construction and bulk material handling. Today, Rotobec products are used by thousands of customers in over 40 countries around the world. Rotobec use the most advanced technologies throughout the design and production process and believe that the result is the toughest handling equipment available. Rotobec offer a range of stationary mount loaders and attachments.

YouTube channel:


Rotobec Orange Peel Grapple – Scrap Industry

The Rotobec Orange Peel Grapple is recognised as the industry leader in both innovation and toughness. Their sleek, yet robust, design and standard 360° rotation make them a dream to own and operate. The Grapple is available in 4-Tine, 5-Tine, and Mag Grab configurations.

Rotobec designs, manufactures and markets material handling equipment, using hydraulic rotation system technology, which enables the optimal operational capacity. Pictured below is the Rotobec 4-Tine Orange Peel Magnet Grab.









Rotobec Waste Grapple – Waste Industry

The Rotobec Waste Grapple is up for anything. This grapple is used almost exclusively in waste material handling applications, such as wood waste and waste transfer stations. The extra wide jaw and elongated head structure enables operators to grab incredibly large loads, while the holes allow small debris to fall through. Each configuration is available with either a dangle rotation or one of Rotobec’s incredible positioned rotations featuring bolt-on lugging.









Rotobec ELITE 910 Stationary Mount Loader – 4,055 kg lift capacity

The ELITE Stationary Mount Loader is without question the toughest, most versatile, longest lasting knuckle boom loader of its size. With the industry’s lowest total cost of ownership, the ELITE Stationary Mount Loader is quickly becoming the favourite of owners and operators around the globe. Available in a variety of configurations, Rotobec have a solution for every conceivable application. The ELITE loader and all of its major components are designed and manufactured by Rotobec in North America. If you are looking to lift more in less time, look no further.









Rotobec HORIZON 920 Stationary Mount Loader – 4,865 kg lift capacity

The HORIZON Stationary Mount Loader is a unique solution for heavy duty applications requiring the precision of the ELITE, combined with the strength and durability of a much larger loader. Built using the highest quality materials, the HORIZON will not only survive, but thrive in even the most demanding environments. Equipped with standard dual swing motors and an integrated oil cooler, this loader can be pushed to the limit day in and day out, and it will continue to give you all you need and more. Reduce your downtime, increase your efficiency and add to your bottom line.

The 56kw electric motor gives you all the power you need while saving you a ton on your monthly energy bills. The power unit can be mounted remotely or integrated onto the loader platform, providing an unmatched level of flexibility.

Similar to the ELITE, the HORIZON provides users with amazingly smooth operation. The 221 bar operating pressure allows the HORIZON to achieve unmatched levels of precision. Spend less time re-positioning your loader and more time on what matters most: Working.









Rotobec OPTIMAX 950 Stationary Mount Loader – 9,700 kg lift capacity

The OPTIMAX Stationary Mount Loader truly pushes the boundaries of what was once thought possible of a mid-weight knuckle boom loader. In addition to Rotobec’s tough handling pedigree that comes standard in all of our loaders, they have engineered the OPTIMAX to be adaptable to every conceivable application and environment. The list of available options is incredibly extensive, making it without a doubt the most versatile loader of its kind. This highly efficient powerhouse offers a modern alternative to traditional diesel powered loaders that will significantly reduce your carbon footprint and save you thousands in annual operating costs.

The OPTIMAX Stationary Mount Knuckleboom Loader will not only save you thousands each year in operating expenses, it will also help you save the world. On average, an electric engine will emit 40%-50% less greenhouse gases than a comparable diesel engine. The electric engine can also help significantly reduce both noise and air pollution at your job site.

The cab of the OPTIMAX is the largest available in its class. An ergonomic seat and optional heating and A/C offer a comfortable place for your heavy equipment operator to spend their day. A pressurized cab can be added for extreme working environments.









Rotobec EVOLUTION 960/970 Stationary Mount Loader – 11,955 kg lift capacity

The EVOLUTION brings a level of toughness and efficiency like you have never seen. This loader is a heavy duty alternative to our OPTIMAX 950, designed for customers requiring increased lift at a distance. With an additional 19kw and 1.7m of standard reach, the EVOLUTION is able to achieve incredible lift capacity while offering the same cost savings you get from the OPTIMAX. Thanks to its compact design and four available configurations, there is literally no limit to the variety of applications or environments this loader will thrive in. Equipped with a load sensing control valve, hydraulic accumulator and the industry’s most spacious cab, the EVOLUTION gives you everything you need to perform your best.

The EVOLUTION is available in 4 different configurations. The power unit and the operator’s station can be installed remotely or directly onto the loader platform. This versatility allows for easy installation into any application or environment.

  • SM-X: Power unit on loader/Operator on loader – shown on the left
  • SM-R: Power unit remote/Operator remote
  • SM-W: Power unit on loader/Operator remote
  • SM-H: Power unit remote/Operator on loader









Rotobec TITAN 980 Stationary Mount Loader – 17,060 kg lift capacity

Whether you’re lifting logs, steel or anything in between, the TITAN Stationary Mount Loader can handle it with ease. Equipped with an 112kw high efficiency electric engine and a massive 63 inch bearing, this beast can generate a Best-in-class 17,000 kg of maximum lift capacity. Add on Rotobec’s own built in house high pressure cylinders and their heavy duty, reinforced booms and what you have is a loader that will get the job done right the first time, every time.

The efficiency of the TITAN gets another boost from the industry’s most advanced load sensing system. Rotobec’s load sensing system ensures that you have just the right amount of power you need at all times










Rotobec Log Grapple – Forestry Industry

For the last 40 years, Rotobec Log Grapples have been considered the logging industry benchmark for toughness and durability. Available in Standard Duty, Heavy Duty and Super Heavy Duty series, there is a Rotobec Log Grapple suited to every application. Equipped with Rotobec’s own high pressure cylinders, robust interlocking head structure and RT-Series watertight rotators, it is no wonder that the Rotobec Log Grapple has been out-lifting, out-lasting and out-performing the competition for decades.

Rotobec Log Grapples feature a unique shapethat allows wood to easily roll up the inner surface of the jaw. This feature allows material handler operators to achieve a round bunch every time, no matter how crooked the wood may be. Increase your efficiency and out-lift the competition every time.












Rotobec Combination Grapple – Forestry Industry

Forestry and mill operations often require a grapple capable of handling a variety of different types and volumes of wood. The Rotobec Combination Grapple features a bypassing jaw design that allows operators to easily and efficiently handle single logs or full cords of pulpwood. The unique jaw shape allows for optimal log rolling making it incredibly easy to grab a full load every time. Our Combination Grapples are also available with a positioned rotation which allows for an unbeatable level of control over your grapple and your load.













Save up to 50% operating cost.

Sennebogen Electro-Hydraulic Drive Solutions

SENNEBOGEN has been implementing material handling machines with electric drives for over 65 years and this experience underlines its status as a leader in innovation. Compared with diesel engines, you can Save up to 50% operating cost, which contributes to rapid payback of the machine.


Benefits of the Sennebogen Electro-Hydraulic Drive Solutions

  1. Increased comfort during operation with vibration-free drives and low operating noise.
  2. High value retention through longer service life of the hydraulic components.
  3. Extremely environmentally-friendly, completely emission-free and no exhaust fumes.
  4. Extremely low operating costs thanks to low energy costs.
  5. Significantly longer maintenance intervals compared to diesel engines.
  6. Reduce maintenance costs, no need for fuel or oil.
  7. Always ready for use.
  8. Maximised productivity due to greater available working hours.
  9. No refuelling periods equates to less downtime and increased machine availability.







Roter Recycling is a producer of scrap metal machines, such as balers for mixed light scrap and ELV, car baler, shear baler for scrap metal and automatic balers for metal waste.

Founded in 1989, Roter began its business working for the world leaders in earth-moving machines and pipe line plants. Roter specialise in the production of spare parts and accessories for the undercarriage market and in medium heavy steel structures.


Product Spotlight – Roter RR Series Baler

The Roter Recycling series, “RR series,” offers balers for scrap metal and are an ideal solution to easily compact a variety of steel, ferrous and non-ferrous material. The RR series is perfect for volume reduction of car bodies and therefore lend themselves to car wrecker recovery yards and mixed light scrap collectors.

The RR series is available in many configurations, fixed, roll on/off, semi-mobile and a 3 axis trailer version, which makes them suitable to any yard. Another bonus of the RR series is the fact that they do not require foundations. Thanks to three asymmetrical cylinders for any lid, RR balers ensure easy closing operation of the box and high speed material processing.


The RR series scrap baler has a production capacity of 8-14 tons per hour for light mixed scrap and 15-20 tons per hour for ELV.

RR series balers are equipped with a diesel engine, electric version available as an option, and a radio remote control for optimal and comfortable use of the machine. The supply is completed by the push-button control panel with synoptics for fault finding and light/acoustic warnings. All parts are easily accessible for quick and easy maintenance.



The RR series offers the following options:

  • Bale ejection door
  • Electric motor 1 x 75/90 Kw
  • Hydraulic lifting legs
  • Crane with operator cabin
  • Roll on/off system
  • Cabin for operator
  • Mobile configuration
  • Cabin heating and air conditioning
  • Preheating engine and hydraulic oil
  • Customised colour





CES Heavy Duty Range of Versatile Reach Stackers

The only versatile Reach Stacker that combines multiple load charts and wheelbases in one machine. With side mounted technology boxes, maintenance is easier and more accessible. An innovative hydrostatic drive system allows for lower fuel consumption and noise emissions. CES Reach Stackers are supported by high quality components such as Cummins, Volvo, Kessler, Dana and Rexroth.


The Heavy Duty Range has a movable capacity of 125-250 tonnes. The range also has full travel capabilities with load and a full range of attachments available. There are three models in the Heavy Duty Range:

VRS J – 125t

VRS K – 150t

VRS L – 250t

CES Reach stackers are design with the following motto in mind, special tasks require special machines. In order to realise the high movable load capacities, the reach stackers are equipped with front tyres 27:00 – 49 and rear tyres 24:00 – 35. The models VRS J and VRS K have 4 front tyres and the VRS L has 6 in front. Tyres are mounted with independent wheel suspension for the best traction and lowest ground pressure. The reach stackers can be 2 or 4 wheel drive, depending on the load.

Heavy Duty Range Movable Loads under Crane Hook:



7 .000mm to 9.000mm


4 x 27:00 - 49

2 x 24:00 - 35

Lifting capacities:

125t at 1850mm load center



9.000mm to 12.000mm


4 x 27:00 - 49

2 x 24:00 - 35

Lifting capacities:

150t at 1850mm load center



9.000mm to 12.000mm


6 x 27:00 - 49

2 x 24:00 - 35

Lifting capacities:

250t at 1850mm load center



The advantages of modularity:

Easy access to components inside of modular units and the possibility of rapid replacement of the modules reduces costs of machine downtime, maintenance and service.

Easy repair and maintenance – all components are easy to reach and can quickly be dismounted or replaced, resulting in reduced downtime and lower costs for the operator.

Easy shipping – CES Reach Stackers can easily be transported in standard containers or trailers, no special transport is required.

Features of the Versatile Reach Stacker:

  • Hydraulically extendable chassis
  • Environmentally friendly, lowest noise level
  • High dynamic stability
  • Lowest fuel consumption
  • Side mounted energy and supply boxes
  • Hi-tech hydrostatic drive
  • Ergonomic high visibility cabin
  • High quality components and German concepts combined with Italian design



In comparison to current handling equipment such as SPMT movers and crawler cranes significant savings can be made.

  • CES will deliver the first two Reach Stackers Model VRS-K, with 150t capacity, to CS Wind in Scotland in July 2017.
  • CES Reach Stacker is the first of its kind for the following four reasons:
  • CES Reach Stackers are the only Reach Stackers worldwide with capacities up to 250t.
  • CES Reach Stackers are the only Reach Stackers with a variable telescopic wheelbase allowing for up to 7 different wheelbases and capacities in one machine. The customer can change the wheelbase according to the capacities needed.
  • CES Reach Stacker can be disassembled within one shift, stuffed in standard containers, and shipped as regular road, rail, or sea transport
  • CES attachment quick-change system allows fitting of different kinds of attachments such as a 90t capacity heavy duty spreader, a fly jib or a crane hook within 15 minutes.






Established in 1953, Bonfiglioli started manufacturing scrap balers in 1981, vertical shears in 1987, horizontal shears in 1989 and hammer mill shredders in 1993. Bonfiglioli has remained a family owned business since its inception and has built an excellent reputation thanks to strong engineering and manufacturing expertise, strong global agents and distributors and flexibility to meet market demand.

Bonfiglioli company facts:

Employs approximately 120 people:

  • 21 in the Research and Development Department
  • 27 in the Marketing and Sales Department
  • 72 in the Production Department

Yearly turnover around 60 million Euro

Excellent reputation thanks to:

  • Strong engineering expertise and manufacturing done in Italy
  • Strong worldwide agents and distributors sale network
  • Decades of experience
  • Customer and service orientated
  • Flexibility according to market demand

Units sold worldwide:

  • 2,200 balers
  • 2,100 shears
  • 375 hammer mill shredders

Products available:

  • Squalo Horizontal Shear 1000/2000
  • Squalo Vertical Shear 1000/2000
  • Ariete Baler
  • Mobile Hammer Mill Drake Shredder 2000 (10/16 hammers)


Product spotlight: Bonfiglioli SQUALO Vertical Shear

There are four different models with different shearing force and capacity available:

  • SQUALO 1300 with average output productivity 14 – 16 tonne/hour
  • SQUALO 1500 with average output productivity 16 – 18 tonne/hour
  • SQUALO 2000 with average output productivity 18 – 22 tonne/hour
  • SQUALO 3000 with average output productivity 25 – 32 tonne/hour

*Under normal working conditions, depending on the type, quality and quantity of material and the ability of the operator.

The mobile unit is equipped with 4 lifting cylinders and is movable with a low boy trailer. The SQUALO Vertical Shear weights 49 to 98 tonnes. Total compression and shearing force is dependent on the respective model, i.e. 1300 tonne, 1500 tonne, 2000 tonne, 3000 tonne.


Adjustable cutting length:

  • 30 – 50 – 70cm for the SQUALO 1300 and SQUALO 1500
  • 40 – 60 – 80 – 100cm for the SQUALO 2000 and SQUALO 3000

Average output material density: 0.6 – 0.8 tonne/m³

On site installation without the need for ground foundation and civil works.

Fully automatic, remote control options, automatic greasing, and continuous loading.

Diesel or electric motor driven (SQUALO 1300 and 1500)

Diesel/Electric/Combo motor driven (SQUALO 2000 and 3000)


Product spotlight: Bonfiglioli ARIETE Baler

Basic features and benefits of the Bonfiglioli Ariete Baler include:

  • The scrap compacting baler is built with a solid monolithic structure in Weldox and Hardox special steel and it is run by a diesel or electric engine.
  • The baler can be equipped with a crane, cabin and grab.
  • The mobile unit is equipped with a roll on roll off system and is movable with standard 4-axis truck or with a hook lift system.
  • Inner box length is 4.8m
  • The Ariete Baler weighs 18.5 tonne
  • Bale size is 880mm x 670mm x variable length
  • Average output productivity: 8 – 10 tonne/hour
  • Average bale density: 0.8 tonne/m³



Product spotlight: Bonfiglioli DRAKE Hammer Mill Shredder (16 hammers)

The DRAKE Hammer Mill is a compact type metal shredding system. It is available in a permanent setup mode (requiring relatively minimum foundation) or in a fully transportable version with hydraulic legs and wheels. The Bonfiglioli DRAKE Hammer Mill Shredder is capable of efficiently shredding the following materials:

  • Light mixed scrap
  • Entire mixed metal scrap bales or car bales
  • Entire cars, including engines, transmissions and running gear
  • Aluminium and other types of non-ferrous material

The DRAKE Hammer Mill achieves optimum production when the loading hopper is constantly maintained full of scrap as this optimises the shredding operations inside the chamber. The material placed into the charge hopper does not need to be pre-sheared or compressed. The machine will automatically compensate and size material to the dimensions of the hopper to allow it to enter the shredding section from the feeding chamber. There is no risk of overloading the hopper or the system. The shredding operation, including material in-feed, is electronically monitored. Machine controls will match and balance machine operation function with volume of material. The downstream is fully automatic, which makes the job of the person monitoring the operation of the overall shredder easier and more effective.

The mill rotor is protected from damage by a patented clutch system. The mill plant is equipped with a conveniently located knock-out door with hydraulic access. The door is manually operated and allows service personnel to remove obstructions and to perform routine maintenance, such as changing hammers and checking the status of internal lines.

Technical Data:

Diesel engine: 960hp with gas-oil

Electric motor: 750kw

Hydraulic plant: working pressure 250 bar, oil tank capacity 110 litres

Rotor: 16 hammers, 950-1000rpm

Hammer weight: 168kg

Max productivity: up to 20 – 24t/h under normal working conditions, depending on the quantity and quality of material and the ability of the operator.

Average output material density: 0.9 – 1.3 ton/m³ (depending on input material and grid size)



Strengths of the DRAKE Hammer Mill Shredder:

  • Small footprint required
  • Copyright patented barrel type rotor, hammers and pins replacement easily accessible with set replacement possible in a few hours
  • The rotor does not have to replaced, just hard-faced every 5000 hours, which is approximately every 2 working years
  • Diesel or electric engine choice, low HP requirement means low running cost
  • Interchangeable 4 grid components system  that requires only an hour to be replaced
  • Extremely efficient dust filtration system
  • Machine noise level within international limits
  • Inexpensive civil works required, very minimal site preparation
  • Low labour costs required, with only a 3 – 5 man crew needed to operate the system


Video of the Bonfiglioli DRAKE Hammer Mill Shredder (16 hammers) being fed by a Sennebogen material handler:




Bano Recycling specialises in the manufacturing of primary and secondary shredders and single-shaft shredders for processing a huge quantity of different materials with the purpose to recycle and reduce size and volume.

Bano shredders can be customised to process a huge array of materials and waste, such as light metal scrap (ferrous and non-ferrous), municipal solid waste, industrial and hospitable waste, plastic materials, electronic and domestic waste, white goods, tyres, copper waste, plastic and metal tank, electric and high tension cables, textiles, concrete, paper and wood.

Bano Recycling offers four models of single-shaft shredders that can be customised in size, power and characteristics according to the productive demands and the material being processed.

Main features of Bano machines:

  • Mechanical transmission (with special safety clutch) or hydraulic drive system
  • Reinforced machine body
  • Protection system for bearings
  • Feeding pusher
  • Interchangeable blades, counter-blades and holders
  • Sliding hopper bottom


Product Spotlight – Bano Shredder Series Mac

The single-shaft shredder has the option of being hydraulic or mechanically driven. Mac shredders are successfully used for the treatment and reduction of a wide variety of wastes, with precision final size assured. Bano’s slow-speed single-shaft shredders have universal use and are suitable to shred different materials such as plastic, electrical cables, wood and paper.

Product Spotlight – Bano Shredder Series Premac Model

The Bano Premac Shredder is a single-shaft shredder for ferrous and non-ferrous scrap metal. Thanks to the development of the Premac range, Bano Recycling offers advanced solutions for scrap metal classification and recovery. Compared to traditional systems, Bano’s Premac Shredder offers the option of working with a screen during the shredding process to set a desired output size, which gives the advantage of having a secondary raw material in the one step. Performances are greatly increased thanks to the presence of a pusher, which keeps a constant and self-regulated rotor feeding. Maintenance is extremely simplified due to the moving floor installed and the Bano Premac Shredder is also safer and offers very low running costs.



Bano Shredder Series Premac Characteristics:

  • Hydraulic or mechanical drive system
  • Sliding hopper bottom for safer and quicker maintenance
  • Interchangeable and reversible blades and counter blades for quick and cheap replacement
  • Safety clutch on the transmission of the mechanical version
  • Pusher for increased production
  • Machine structure 100mm
  • Active protection system for bearings
  • Interchangeable screen with different size holes
  • Anti-vibrating support system

Technical Data:

Shredder model

Length rotor (mm)

Rotor diameter (mm)

Blades (mm)

Power (KW)

Weight (Ton)

Premac 18-70



120 x 120

132 - 250


Premac 22-70



120 x 120

250 - 315


Premac 28-70



120 x 120

250 - 315


Premac 28-90



150 x 150




Technical Data:

Shredder model

Length rotor (mm)

Rotor diameter (mm)

Blades (mm)

Power (KW)

Weight (Ton)

MAC 400



30 x 30



MAC 630 Standard



30 x 30



MAC 630 Reinforced



43 x 43

15 - 30


MAC 13-25



43 x 43



MAC 13-40



43 x 43
















Bano Shredder Series Mac Characteristics:

  • Interchangeable and reversible blades
  • Counter blades for a quick and economic substitution
  • Interchangeable blade holders
  • Pusher to increase production
  • Interchangeable screen with different size holes
  • Patented rotor designs, studied to increase performance


Sennebogen 818 E-series



The Sennebogen 818 E-series builds on more than 60 years of experience in the design and construction of purpose-built materials handling machines.

To maximise performance, the 818 E-series has improved fuel efficiency, operating comfort, maintenance and service and a range of other areas. The diesel engine features an automatic idle reduction, shut down and performance optimisation aimed at reducing fuel consumption. Eco Mode intends to increase fuel savings by up to 20 per cent during operation. The operating comfort of the 818 E-series has been improved through a hydraulically elevated cabin, offering an operator eye level of approximately 5600mm. Meanwhile joystick steering control offers maximum visibility and a clutter-free cabin. The safety of the materials handler has been bolstered through a sliding door for cabin entry, an emergency cabin lowering function accessible at both ground level and inside the cabin and two 115° cameras to the right and rear of the machine. Maintenance and service has also been maximised through all daily service checks easily accessed from ground level on the machine, a straight forward and clearly labelled electrical system and a low percentage of proprietary parts.

Sennebogen National Business Development Manager Neil Adlam says the 818 E-series offers an uncompromised high performance in all critical areas of material handling excellence.

“The total Sennebogen package is supported locally by the dedicated team at Pacific Materials Handling, with national branches and local technicians to support any requirements.”


Equilibrium Handler

Rethink and save: equilibrium handler to serve as backbone of wood logistics at Borg Manufacturing

What can we do to increase our productivity while also saving on operating costs? This is the question many companies ask themselves. For John Borg, owner of Australia's Borg Manufacturing, the SENNEBOGEN was able to deliver a persuasive solution for wood handling with the 8130 equilibrium handler.

Borg Manufacturing operates a large MDF factory in Oberon, a small town in New South Wales, Australia, that is about 2.5 hours West of Sydney. Since its founding in 1991, the family-owned business has become Australia's leading manufacturer of kitchen cabinet doors and decorative MDF panels distributed through the brand Polytec. The wide range of MDF panels are manufactured primarily at the Oberon site. This is where the new SENNEBOGEN handling machine comes into play.

Optimized logistics processes – SENNEBOGEN crane at the core

The SENNEBOGEN 8130 is the heart of the reorganized lumberyard. Whereas previously the conveyor belts of the loading system would be laboriously served by multiple vehicles using a ramp, these logistics are now covered by one stationary crane. The raw material, which can be between four and five meters in length, is unloaded and sorted all around the stationary balance crane. With its reach of 23 meters, the 8130 can easily cover an operating area of around 1,600 square meters. The reorganization added logistical value and also enhanced occupational health and safety, since only one central machine now does all of the loading. The loading line can now be safely filled from above, and vehicle traffic has been reduced.

Saving costs – working effectively with a stationary electric machine

Operating and maintenance costs have also been reduced, reported Borg. "Where numerous vehicles were consuming a lot of expensive diesel before, the electric equilibrium handler now only accounts for a fraction of the costs." The excessive ground wear from the vehicles is also a thing of the past. These vehicles would not only damage the surface when retrieving wood at ground level and result in yearly repairs, they would also introduce foreign material to the loading lines. This is now completely avoided thanks to the elevated machine position and grabbing from above.

Australian sales and service partner Pacific Materials Handling delivered the 8130 in the middle of 2014. The machine is equipped with a 132-kW electric motor, a 23-meter attachment, and the Maxcab Industry cab. The crane is mounted above the loading line on a 5.5-meter tall pylon. The equilibrium principle keeps the machine balanced thanks to a coupled counterweight. Only two hydraulic cylinders are needed to move the entire equipment. The electric drive proves itself with its strong performance and low noise level. In total, the longer maintenance intervals, small number of moving parts and the electric drive save up to 75% on operating costs – an argument that has persuaded not only Borg.





Sideloader and Trailer Fixed Price Servicing

Pacific Materials Handling offer no risk, no surprises  fixed price servicing for your Sideloaders and trailers.

 At Pacific Materials Handling we know and understand that the wheels of your business must keep turning. We specialize in all aspects of Materials Handling Equipment, from Forklifts, Reach Stackers, Sideloaders, Truck Mounted cranes and Trailing equipment.

Our aim is to provide a professional and flexible approach to accommodate your companies individual needs and provide maximum uptime and minimal disturbance to your operations regarding your fleet.

 With a comprehensive parts back up and support network coupled with skilled tradesmen we can address all of your equipment’s requirements.

 We can  also tailor fixed price packages for your Truck Mounted Cranes and Forklifts.

 Call 1300 – FORKLIFT


At Pacific Materials Handling we have the experience and on site capability to diagnose and repair anything keeping you from getting the most from your assets.  Our experienced sideloader technicians are the best when it comes to diagnosing and correcting any sideloader issues.  Our massive Laverton workshop caters for all mechanical, hydraulic, electrical repairs and we also have a full size paint shed on site so your equipment can look as good as it operates.


We employ the most knowledgeable sideloader parts personnel and stock a full warehouse of common parts.  What we haven’t got in stock we can source for you.  If you don’t know what sideloader parts you require we will be able to help you get going again.

 Thinking of upgrading your equipment, why not get the most from you sale or trade in and book in in for a Pacific Materials Handling pre sale inspection or full refurb and paint.


15 Ton Container Trolley

15 Ton Container Trolley

Designed and built by Pacific Materials Handling

The "Heavy Shift Trolley" attaches to a forklift that can then be driven inside a container or other flat surface , raise palletised loads and roll the load.



Heavy duty fork frame suitable for mounting or towing.
Fork tine lift with hydraulic breakaway or standalone power pack.
Fixed bump stop on ends of forks to avoid binding issues.
Customisable dimensions adjustable starting lift heights available.



Technical Data

Mass Tare: 500Kg
Max Capacity 15 Ton maximum lifting capacity
Frame Size Fork width, length and distance apart manufatured to specification
Lift Height Approx 40 mm lift height
Other Features May be powered via auxillary ports of forklift or alternatively with stand alone rechargeable power pack

Shear Refurbishment

GENESIS Shear Refurbishment

A New offering for Pacific Materials Handling is Genesis Shear refurbishment.

Taking your old worn shear and rebirthing it can provide a cost alternative to a new purchase.




Sennebogen 860M with Skylift cabin at C3 Limited New Zealand

Pacific Materials handling  have recently delivered 2 x special Sennebogen machines to C3 Limited in NZ.

 The 2 x Sennebogen 860M machines are complete with a Cummins 268kW diesel engine, 21m boom, 1.5m pylon, SMAG 2.5sqm log grab and a specially designed operators "skylift cabin" that allows the operator to enter the machine from ground level and then hydraulically elevate to an operating position of up to 10,000mm. The cabin also features a side platform with walkway for safe entry & exit to the cabin.


The machines weigh in at close to 90,000kgs with the log grab fitted but they are still able to travel at speeds of up to 14 km /hr and have a nominal lifting capacity of just on 9,000kgs at 15m forward reach x 15m high.


The benefits of the operator being able to enter at ground level are obvious but when coupled with the amount of reach, lift capacity and the clear vision and safety of sitting at 10m high when surrounded by logs and constant roadtruck and heavy equipment traffic in NZ's busiest ports make these machines a real game changer for log handler in port applications.


Sale of Pacific NZ to Transdiesel

Pacific materials Handling is pleased to announce that today we have concluded the sale of our New Zealand business to Transdiesel Ltd, a company of some 220 employees, 13 branches across New Zealand ‎and over 30 years of service to their New Zealand customers. 

Over the next 12 months we will assist Transdiesel to manage their new brands, being one of the  largest materials handling companies in New Zealand, we look forward to the future with them.


Sims Metal Management acquires a new Copex Reflex 650 scrap shear

The world’s leading metal & electronics recycler Sims Metal Management acquires a new Copex Reflex 650 scrap shear

Together with this Reflex scrap shear, installed in static version in Mackay (Queensland) and equipped with a CUMMINS diesel engine especially for the Australian market, Sims Metal Management has a total of 10 machines from Copex French manufacturer.

Scrap shear with compression by wings type Reflex650

The previous scrap shear installed for the Sims Group in 2013 is a Lidex machine with side compression with high cutting force of 1300 tons. This machine is being operated on the site of St Marys (New South Wales).

« We appreciate high quality and reliable machines, and are fully satisfied with Copex from the technical point of view as well as from the service provided locally by Copex agent Pacific Materials Handling”, says John Glyde, General Manager of Sims Metal Management, Queensland.

 « Our local partnership with Pacific Materials Handling established in 2006 for the sale and service of our products was the key for our success in the Australian territory », comments Mr Frédéric Malin, Chairman of SA COPEX.



Sennebogen provides total solution for Pederson Group


Melbourne, Australia, June 18th 2015


The introduction of four key Sennebogen material handling machines at one of the world’s largest pulp and paper facilities has helped create a substantially more efficient operation for services provider Pedersen Group.

Pedersen Group provides for a vital production link in terms of log yard logistics, mobile plant operations and whole log chipping and debarking services at the Tasman Mill, which operates on a 200ha site near the Bay of Plenty town of Kawerau in New Zealand’s North Island.

The mill site hosts pulp production operations for both CHH Pulp & Paper and Norske Skog. The Pedersen Group team handles log volumes of 1.1m tonnes per annum, undertaken on a seven day, double shift operation and in recent times has overseen gains in log yard capacity and chip accepts.

“We’re proud of our achievements for our clients at the Tasman Mill, but as with all of our operations we’re always looking to improve production efficiencies, costs and personnel safety,” says Pedersen’s Kawerau Site Manager Marty Hine.

“Not only was the decision to move to Sennebogen mobile plant based around the relative technical abilities and robustness of the individual machines, but utilising the advanced capabilities of Sennebogen allowed us to change the way we use both our fixed and mobile plant and led to us reconfiguring our entire yard for maximum efficiency.”

The range of log handling hardware Pedersen implemented at their Tasman Mill operation is truly comprehensive; encompassing both the smallest and the largest materials handlers Sennebogen manufactures.

At the smaller end of the scale, a static, electric drive Sennebogen 818 acts as the control centre for the debarking drum and conveyor feed into the 3000hp multi-log chipper.

Being a stationary machine, the Sennebogen 818 sits upon an elastic bearing which gives the operator the flexibility to react to loads, but also has a suspension effect, cushioning the machine against shock and vibration and providing a better working environment for the operator.

In almost every other facet though, the 818 is an off-the-shelf electric powered materials handler, simply sited for maximum efficiency.

“The hydraulic elevating cab raises and lowers in a conventional manner so the operator has excellent vision of what’s coming from the power infeed, through the debarker and down the conveyor in front of him,” says Marty.

“Essentially the 818 is the nerve centre for the whole plant, with the operator using touchscreen and joystick controls in the oversized cab to control product flow at variable speeds and deal with jams using the 818’s grapple.”

The debarking drum is new as well and replaces an older, larger unit. In this instance smaller has proven to be better, but there is no denying the increased flexibility Pedersen Group’s colossal Sennebogen 880 EQ has brought to this operation.

The electric drive Sennebogen 880 EQ is one of the world’s largest materials handling machines. Pedersen’s unit weighs in at 275,000kg with a 5m pylon, 30m boom and impressive 11m operator eye level; it is the largest machine of its type in the Southern Hemisphere.

While offering all the efficiency benefits of electric power, the machine is still mobile as it sits on crawler tracks in order to travel up to 35m.

The Pedersen team constructed the 35m galvanised cable trench which the power cable sits in once it unspools from the reel on the rear of the machine. Rubber belting sits over the trench in order to help keep debris out.

Marty says he is impressed with the precision of the Sennebogen 880 EQ, citing the balance the machine exhibits, regardless of load, as exceptional. Even at the 880 EQ’s full reach (30m) and with total weight in the grab of 12 ton, the machine is never in danger of toppling over. This is due to Sennebogen Equilibrium design, with a moving counterweight to help keep the load centred.

The long reach Sennebogen 880 EQ can unload from the trailers straight into the power infeed, or across to the store.

The same model machine is available in various configurations including diesel powered engines, various under-carriage styles and with up to 35m reach.

Alongside the supersized handling capacities of the Sennebogen 880 EQ are two mid-range log handlers – twin Sennebogen 830 MTs – which have also proven real game-changers for Pedersen Group at Kawerau.

The Sennebogen 830 MT is the only materials handler/log handling machine that can tow 60 ton of logs.

Project lead Bruce Hutchings – instrumental in all aspects of the project from instigation and planning to fabrication, civil works and machine implementation – says that, at the end of the day, the ability to tow log trailers gave Sennebogen a critical advantage.

“The Sennebogen machines have given us good gains in terms of efficiency, operator comfort and handling capacities. Having the 830 MTs completely flexible to high-stack as well as tow log stock around the yard in larger lots – from the stack to the 880 – has really made a significant difference for us,” he says.

Pedersen Group’s trailers were specially developed in-house to compliment the capabilities of the two 830 MTs. The trailers were manufactured to Bruce’s exacting specifications by Rotorua-headquartered trailer specialists Patchell Industries.

“Before the Sennebogen 830s arrived we were using wheel loaders, which can’t stack as high as the 830s can. Wheel loaders can’t tow either, so we’re moving more logs and stacking them more efficiently with a bookend system. The way we use space within the yard has improved dramatically as a result,” says Bruce.

 “This reconfiguration also eliminates our old log deck and waterfall system, which means the wood is handled less. As a result there’s less damage and loss of fibre on the product being processed,” he adds.

Marty Hine says that the Sennebogen 830 MTs feature excellent acceleration, especially considering towing weights are up to 60 ton with the trailer.

As part of the extended operational support Pedersen Group provides to Tasman Mill, the company also manages all garage operations on site – 120 items of mobile plant in total.

Marty Hine says Sennebogen parts and technical support from Australasian distributor Pacific Materials Handling (PMH) has been fantastic.

“PMH have really been with us every step of the way on this. Couple this support with better running costs, cheaper consumables and parts and less in the way of service costs and we’re ahead across the board.

“There’s no denying this has been a big exercise for us, but it’s a no-brainer. We have great people in this company and working with some great people at PMH, we’ve engineered a solid result,” Marty concludes.

Pacific Materials Handling Sennebogen Business Manager, Byron Judd echoes these sentiments.


“We could not have asked for a better group of people to work with on this project,” he says.


“From the initial phone call onwards, developing this plan alongside the Pedersen Group team has been a truly rewarding working partnership.


“The exceptional level of expertise and insight the company possesses has helped make the implementation of world class Sennebogen equipment at the Tasman Mill a seamless process from our side of the equation too.”