The powerful SQUALO 2000 is endowed with 1500Tonnes of cutting force, and is transportable. Speed of operation is a key benefit in comparison to mobile (member mounted excavator) shears, and the SQUALO 2000 shear can cut up to 6 railway rails at a time. There is no length restriction for material, so you can remove the need to Oxy Cut material in nearly all cases.

The Squalo range of inclined shears are used globally in steel mills, as pre shredders for hammer mills, but also for demolition jobs and for cutting the very long length HMS that will not fit into a press shear type system – also great for production of 80/20.

Once the work has been completed on site the shears can be lifted up and moved to the next job if needed – they do not require foundations, making them portable – despite their weight.

There are now over 1400 units operational globally and production today is over 80 units per year. There are machines in daily use today that are 20 years old. The structure of the machine is made from SSAB Strenx 700 which is the most flexible and durable material on the market.

All of these features result in a strong value proposition and rapid return on investment.