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CES Heavy Duty Range of Versatile Reach Stackers

The only versatile Reach Stacker that combines multiple load charts and wheelbases in one machine. With side mounted technology boxes, maintenance is easier and more accessible. An innovative hydrostatic drive system allows for lower fuel consumption and noise emissions. CES Reach Stackers are supported by high quality components such as Cummins, Volvo, Kessler, Dana and Rexroth.

The Heavy Duty Range has a movable capacity of 125-250 tonnes. The range also has full travel capabilities with load and a full range of attachments available. There are three models in the Heavy Duty Range:

VRS J – 125t
VRS K – 150t
VRS L – 250t

CES Reach stackers are design with the following motto in mind, special tasks require special machines. In order to realise the high movable load capacities, the reach stackers are equipped with front tyres 27:00 – 49 and rear tyres 24:00 – 35. The models VRS J and VRS K have 4 front tyres and the VRS L has 6 in front. Tyres are mounted with independent wheel suspension for the best traction and lowest ground pressure. The reach stackers can be 2 or 4 wheel drive, depending on the load.

Heavy Duty Range Movable Loads under Crane Hook:

Wheelbase: 7 .000mm to 9.000mm

4 x 27:00 – 49
2 x 24:00 – 35

Lifting capacities:
125t at 1850mm load center


9.000mm to 12.000mm

4 x 27:00 – 49
2 x 24:00 – 35

Lifting capacities:
150t at 1850mm load center


9.000mm to 12.000mm

6 x 27:00 – 49
2 x 24:00 – 35

Lifting capacities:
250t at 1850mm load center
The advantages of modularity:

Easy access to components inside of modular units and the possibility of rapid replacement of the modules reduces costs of machine downtime, maintenance and service.

Easy repair and maintenance – all components are easy to reach and can quickly be dismounted or replaced, resulting in reduced downtime and lower costs for the operator.

Easy shipping – CES Reach Stackers can easily be transported in standard containers or trailers, no special transport is required.

Features of the Versatile Reach Stacker:

  • Hydraulically extendable chassis
  • Environmentally friendly, lowest noise level
  • High dynamic stability
  • Lowest fuel consumption
  • Side mounted energy and supply boxes
  • Hi-tech hydrostatic drive
  • Ergonomic high visibility cabin
  • High quality components and German concepts combined with Italian design

In comparison to current handling equipment such as SPMT movers and crawler cranes significant savings can be made.

  • CES will deliver the first two Reach Stackers Model VRS-K, with 150t capacity, to CS Wind in Scotland in July 2017.
  • CES Reach Stacker is the first of its kind for the following four reasons:
  • CES Reach Stackers are the only Reach Stackers worldwide with capacities up to 250t.
  • CES Reach Stackers are the only Reach Stackers with a variable telescopic wheelbase allowing for up to 7 different wheelbases and capacities in one machine. The customer can change the wheelbase according to the capacities needed.
  • CES Reach Stacker can be disassembled within one shift, stuffed in standard containers, and shipped as regular road, rail, or sea transport
  • CES attachment quick-change system allows fitting of different kinds of attachments such as a 90t capacity heavy duty spreader, a fly jib or a crane hook within 15 minutes.