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Fleet Management

Pacific Fleet

Pacific Fleet is a cloud based monitoring and reporting solution, designed to enable businesses to measure and manage the productivity of both your fleet and your operators. All that is required to access the system is an internet connection and a secure login. Familiar mouse point and click is used to navigate through the system.

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Pacific Fleet Reporting

Machine status
Green operating, Red not operating. On both map view and summary table.

Machines are located on a map view Machine operational status indicated by colour.

Container Lifts Graph
Total lifts for total fleet for last  14 days.

Summary Table
Quick view of current operational status provided for each machine. Provides a summary of key metrics for each machine in the fleet:

  • Current total operating hours
  • Average weekly operating hours
  • Operating hours until next service
  • Estimated service date
  • Total operating hours this week
  • Lifts for week
  • Operator name

Quick Reports

  • Provide quick reporting on machine operations and productivity.
  • Lifts/Weight – Date/time/weight of each lift
  • Operations  Summary – Operating hours/fuel use/fuel economy/vehicle per day
  • Lift  Type – Number of lifts per day be type (20’, 30’, 40’ containers);
  • Number of loaded and empty lifts
  • Fuel  Use
  • Operating hours/fuel use/fuel economy per day l/hr


  • Date/time of overload incidents
  • Lifts for week
  • Operator name
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