New Maxcab from SENNEBOGEN takes comfort to the next level

With the new Maxcab, one of the best cabs around is about to get even better. More room, more comfort, a better view and even quieter inside than before – these are the key benefits that all drivers of SENNEBOGEN machines will now be able to enjoy. The machine manufacturer from Straubing will be presenting its new comfort cab to a large audience on the occasion of a major in-house exhibition and the company’s 65th anniversary.

SENNEBOGEN launched the first generation of the Maxcab in 2006, and the cab went on to set a new benchmark for material handlers, duty cycle cranes and other cranes for many years. With the innovations introduced at the time, the drivers of SENNEBOGEN machines experienced a huge improvement in comfort, ergonomics and safety. The sliding door, which was introduced over 10 years ago and makes getting into and out of the cab much easier, is particularly worthy of note.

More room

The new version of the Maxcab is 70 mm longer, and the driver will notice the extra space immediately. This not only makes the driver feel less cramped, but also provides extra space for an electric cooler and a storage area for documents and folders behind the driver seat. The flexibly adjustable and air-conditioned driver seat, which was previously presented at bauma 2016, and the consoles and ergonomic joysticks that move with the seat create the perfect environment in the cab for long periods of fatigue-free work. The workstation can be individually adjusted to the size and weight of every driver, ensuring the best possible working posture.

 Ideal view and optimized ergonomics

The sliding door continues to provide the same convenient, safe access to the cab. In fact, the opening width of the door has been enlarged compared to the previous model. The cab windshield has been pulled down to the base plate, optimizing the view to the front in material handlers in particular. Together with the large side window panels, this provides a panoramic view over the entire work environment. The new floor mat is flush with the access opening, making the floor easy to clean. All of the operating elements are easy to understand and intuitive to operate. There are charging sockets for electrical and electronic devices on the right behind the driver seat to ensure that all necessary devices are always ready for use. Additional storage places in the interior keep things tidy and within reach inside the cab.

 Optimum climate – strong solutions down to the last detail

The air conditioning in the cab has been further improved by means of optimized air conduction with a total of 9 outlet nozzles. The SENNEBOGEN Maxcab remains unique thanks to its optimal distribution of cooling air throughout the interior – even at a high cooling output, the air is blown in at a pleasantly low speed via outlets distributed around the cab, even at roof height. Furthermore, the cab still features a side window panel which can be opened in the driver door and an adjustable windshield which now has an improved operating mechanism, both of which help to ensure a pleasant working environment. The window panels behind the B-column are tinted and reduce the amount of cooling power required for the cab.

New design – less noise

Designers were involved in the development of the new Maxcab right from the start. As a result, the cab boasts a smart design which meets all of the constructional specifications and implements them in a functional manner. This means that the design composition and features which aid recognition underline functional elements; for example, the green cover of the air filter with easy access for servicing. The developers of the new cab were also able to use sound-absorbing materials and structural solutions to significantly reduce the noise level in the cab once again.
SENNEBOGEN prioritized higher-quality solutions during the design and development process – a strategy which will be evident to every driver working in the cab.


The new Maxcab will be used in most material handlers, but also in duty cycle, telescopic and crawler cranes. The Maxcab is also able to cope with the varying  requirements of different drivers extremely well, as a wealth of different options enable machine operators to tailor the cab to their needs during the project planning stage. These options include a wide range of protective grating and glazing variants incl. armored glass, as well as roof windows with wipers and an integrated sunshield in the roof.