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Oil and Gas

Through innovation, collaboration and tenacity,  Pacific Materials Handling have designed and manufactured a ‘game changer’ in lifting and hoisting  with the potential to impact the industry as a whole.

Lifting & Hoisting remains one of the top Logistics risk exposure areas in many Oil & Gas and material handling applications.

A new, first of a kind adjustable ‘Lifting Frame’ attachment designed by Pacific Materials Handling eliminates the need to use mobile cranes, forklifts and load handling labour.

The benefits being realized are;

  • No personnel (load handler) required to touch or engage a moving load.
  • Hands free operation eliminating a traditional high risk activity completely. No tag lines.
  • Elimination of double handling / re-racking pipe as is the traditional norm.
  • Ability to operate unhindered by wind speed restrictions of mobile cranes.
  • Logistics operational efficiencies have improved by 400% and improving further.

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