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Bano MAC-S

Cutting Edge technology, great experience in the shredding field

MAC-S – Single-shaft shredder Model MAC-S




Single-shaft shredder Model MAC-S

Hydraulic or mechanically driven, the MAC-S shredders are successfully used for the treatment and size reduction of a wide variety of wastes; assuring a final precise size. Our slow-speed single-shaft shredders have universal use, are suitable for shredding urban and industrial wastes and other materials as plastic materials, bulky waste, electric cables, electronic appliances (WEEE), wood, tyres. High performances with low energy requirements and low operating costs are guaranteed by the exclusive Bano cutting system and by the different rotor designs specific for every kind of application.

Advanced technology, long experience in the field


  • Mechanical transmission
  • Sliding hopper bottom for safe, quick and comfortable maintenance
  • Interchangeable and reversible blades and counter-blades for quick and economic replacement
  • Interchangeable blade supports and counter-blades
  • Safety clutch system (only mechanical version)
  • Pusher to increase production
  • Active Protection system for bearings
  • Interchangeable screen with different size holes
  • Patented rotors design, studied to increase performances
  • Anti-vibrating support system