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Genesis XT Mobile Shear – GXT

  • Bolt-on piercing tip encapsulates front of upper jaw, minimizing risk of damage while reducing welding build-up and downtime
  • Weld-on, replaceable, highly abrasion-resistant steel rhino horn protects the front and top of the upper jaw, reducing maintenance and the need for build-up
  • Short primary cutting blades position the apex closer to the rear of the jaws and draw material further into the jaws where higher force makes efficient cuts
  • Dual guide blade length matches piercing tip length enabling blades to be shimmed independently to accommodate piercing tip wear


The Genesis XT mobile shear is the industry’s next generation scrap shear and demolition shear designed to process scrap more efficiently and fit on smaller carriers, reducing initial acquisition investments and hourly energy consumption costs.

The Genesis XT mobile shear is shorter in length and height and lighter in weight. The GXT is a scrap shear and demolition shear that features a center of gravity that is closer to the excavator, enabling models to mount on excavators that previously could only carry smaller, less powerful shears.

GXT demolition shear attachment features include:

  • Improved jaw geometry that makes it easier to pick up material and reduces wear from ground contact
  • Reverse-mounted hydraulic cylinder that shortens shear length and weight, protects rod from damage
  • Lower shear height improves visibility


GXT Reference Guide Speck Sheet – Standard Spec Sheet – Metric