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Pacific Materials Handling-‘Changing the Game’ for Lifting & Hoisting.



Pacific Materials Handling-‘Changing the Game’ for Lifting & Hoisting.

Lifting & Hoisting remains one of the top Logistics risk exposure areas in many oil/gas and material handling applications.
This risk is increased further by remote locations, poor infrastructure, an acute lack of certified equipment and competent workforce.
Many sites and industries rely on Lifting & Hoisting for business continuity.

Through innovation, collaboration and tenacity, implementing a ‘game changer’ in lifting and hoisting by Pacific Materials Handling with the potential to impact the industry as a whole.

A new, first of a kind adjustable ‘Lifting Frame’ attachment was designed by Pacific Materials Handling eliminates the need to use mobile cranes, forklifts and load handling labour.

The benefits being realized are;

  • No personnel (load handler) required to touch or engage a moving load.
  • Hands free operation eliminating a traditional high risk activity completely. No tag lines.
  • Elimination of double handling / re-racking pipe as is the traditional norm.
  • Ability to operate unhindered by wind speed restrictions of mobile cranes.
  • Logistics operational efficiencies have improved by 400% and improving further.