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Radcomm RC4000

Vehicle Monitoring Radiation Detection Systems

The RC4000 series of radiation detection systems have been designed to detect very low Gamma Ray emissions in high density materials. The vehicle size and type will help determine the appropriate panel size and configuration.



Detection of Radioactivity in High Density Materials

The RC4000 series of radiation detection systems have been designed to detect very low Gamma Ray emissions in high density materials. The vehicle size and type will help determine the appropriate panel size and configuration. The RC4000 is supplied in three detector panel sizes (69L, 91L, 138L) with any configuration with up to 8 detector panels. The RC4000 detection systems all utilize RadComm’s high quality specially prepare Polyvinyl Toluene (PVT) scintillators, electronics and Dual Photomultiplier Tubes (PMT´s).

Simplified System Operation

The RC4000 utilizes real-time statistical algorithms that are based on Gamma Energy Distribution to ensure alarm thresholds levels are optimized. The RC4000 utilize a User Friendly Graphical interface allowing the operator to easily move through the wide range of User options. All detailed Clean Scan, Testing and Alarms records are stored on the internal hard drive and can be easily retrieved and interpreted as required.

  • Innovative Design with Multiple Detector Sizes
  • Energy Specific Alarm and Background Statistical Analyses
  • Real-Time Density Tracking Algorithm
  • Unique PVT Aging Monitoring
  • Network Capability with Email
  • Easy to install, User Friendly, Easy to Operate
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Prevent costly radioactive contamination of your scrap yard, steel plant, equipment, product and personnel with the RC4000 series vehicle radiation detection system!
The RC4000 Radiation Detection Systems are finely-tuned, revolutionary, instrumentation that has been specifically designed to detect radioactivity contained in a moving vehicle loaded with scrap material. The revolutionary design of the RC4000 incorporates 18 years of engineering design and proven field application experience, and provides the Metals Industry with the best safety record to-date. The RC4000 incorporates only the best state-of-the-art components and software/hardware technology available in the world. The System Menus are based on a Windows environment, allowing a clear and precise understanding of the RC4000 Operations without the requirement of a background in computer science or physics.

The software is extremely flexible allowing the user to configure the systems general operation such as; setting passwords, adjusting detector parameters, pinpointing the location of a radioactive source when detected in a vehicle, storing and the retrieval of alarm information. The revolutionary design utilizes high-speed micro-controller/CPLD technology in each detector assembly. A multiple of electronic adjustments such as gains, high voltage, noise filters and thresholds can be made via the display screen, telephone modem and/or network/Ethernet connection.  The detector electronics utilizes modular designs allowing fast and easy replacement of parts should a problem arise. The RC4000 Windows based software is extremely flexible with easy to follow menus in the language of the country where the system is being used.  The menus include Graphical Alarm data, total system configuration, manual scan mode, power outage tracking, non-radioactive testing, etc.

The RC4000 system is RadComm’s most advanced radiation detection system and is extremely sensitive to low level radiation emissions from a moving vehicle regardless of the severe changes in background caused by varying scrap densities.

Another extremely important issue is for the system to recognize and eliminate the ambient background interference from the ground, brick building and concrete structures. This will significantly improve the system detection capability while virtually stopping false alarms.

The RC4000 system technology has been proven to be the best system currently available for monitoring any type of scrap metal shipment. The RC4000 systems are installed and monitoring at more than 2,000 installations around the world, with the best safety record when it comes to detecting and protecting these facilities from Radioactive Gauges.

The graph shows a series of lines that represent RadComm alarm threshold settings. Unlike any other systems in the world, these alarm threshold settings are updated at a high speed in real time on a continuous basis. This is critical when it comes to scanning loads of scrap in a moving vehicle that cause severe changes in the measured background radiation levels.  In addition, the examples in the graph show a series of different colors that represent various gamma energy alarm thresholds. These gamma energies have caused the majority of major incidents at steel making facilities.