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Vulcan Expert



Vulcan is one of the fastest metals analysers that is built to last. Just squeeze the trigger and one second later the result appears. As it uses Laser Induced Breakdown (LIBS) technology, you won’t need to worry about X-rays.

Whether your business is scrap sorting or PMI quality control Vulcan delivers accurate and consistent grade ID every time.


Simple to use

Intuitive user interface combined with point-and shoot analysis reduces or even removes the chance of user-related errors
Advanced data management

Transfer and store all your results securely in our cloud service and use one of the most advanced reporting tools on the market. Vulcan also connects with your mobile to add photos to the results and to share data instantly.
Robust and durable

Splash water and dust proof, Vulcan’s measurement optics are protected by sapphire glass, one of the toughest materials available.
Long battery life

A single battery charge will last up to 8 hours when analyzing one sample every 5 seconds. Two batteries are included in the delivery.

How does it work ?
Laser and optics
•The Vulcan has a pulsing, miniature diode, solid state passively, Q-switched laser.
•The laser head is encased with the light collection optics in a small aluminium housing on a rotating platform.

•Each laser pulse hits the sample surface causing a tiny amount of the sample to be ejected.
•Plasma formed with temps of 10 000ºC at the sample surface.
•In the plasma the sample is energized forming atomic and ionic species of elements in the sample. •Each element emits light with characteristic wavelengths.