Radcomm Systems

RadComm Systems was started in 1992 with the mandate of supplying the steel industry with leading edge radiation detection systems but with the added goal of helping to customize the systems being developed to the unique needs of each customer. This was an innovative approach even then as the standard in the industry was that each customer needed to adapt rather than have a system adapted to them. Radcomm work with clients to  understand their unique needs, design changes that accommodated these needs and implemented and supported these customized applications.

Established in 1992, RadComm’s unique and innovative approach to designing and supporting customized systems that meet each customers’ unique needs and requirements, has helped establish RadComm’s reputation as the undisputed technological innovator in the steel and scrap metal sectors.

RadComm offers a complete line of vehicle/portal, material handling, laboratory instrument and handheld portable detection systems for Steel, Scrap Metal, Waste, Nuclear, Homeland Security, Demolition & Deconstruction and Recycling applications.

The RadComm brand represents over 25 years of proven field performance and customer support, with over 6,000 installations in over 70 countries worldwide. RadComm supports and services customers through a direct sales force and a network of over 30 trusted agents worldwide.

RadComm is dedicated to enhancing the safety, quality and prosperity of our customers and stakeholders. We are committed to leadership in our industry by utilizing our resources and processes to manufacture a world class product which exceeds our customer’s requirements for quality, cost and delivery. We stand committed to your satisfaction with the best solution for your application.