Rotobec is a privately owned business established in Quebec, Canada in 1975. The introduction of the rotating hydraulic system was an important innovation in the forestry industry. This technological leap was revolutionary in improving the efficiency of end user operations. Throughout the years, Rotobec has added several products to their line, which are commonly used in scrap recycling, waste handling, railroad maintenance and construction and bulk material handling. Today, Rotobec products are used by thousands of customers in over 40 countries around the world. Rotobec use the most advanced technologies throughout the design and production process and believe that the result is the toughest handling equipment available. Rotobec offer a range of stationary mount loaders and attachments.

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Rotobec Orange Peel Grapple – Scrap Industry

The Rotobec Orange Peel Grapple is recognised as the industry leader in both innovation and toughness. Their sleek, yet robust, design and standard 360° rotation make them a dream to own and operate. The Grapple is available in 4-Tine, 5-Tine, and Mag Grab configurations.

Rotobec designs, manufactures and markets material handling equipment, using hydraulic rotation system technology, which enables the optimal operational capacity. Pictured below is the Rotobec 4-Tine Orange Peel Magnet Grab.

Rotobec Waste Grapple – Waste Industry

The Rotobec Waste Grapple is up for anything. This grapple is used almost exclusively in waste material handling applications, such as wood waste and waste transfer stations. The extra wide jaw and elongated head structure enables operators to grab incredibly large loads, while the holes allow small debris to fall through. Each configuration is available with either a dangle rotation or one of Rotobec’s incredible positioned rotations featuring bolt-on lugging.

Rotobec ELITE 910 Stationary Mount Loader – 4,055 kg lift capacity

The ELITE Stationary Mount Loader is without question the toughest, most versatile, longest lasting knuckle boom loader of its size. With the industry’s lowest total cost of ownership, the ELITE Stationary Mount Loader is quickly becoming the favourite of owners and operators around the globe. Available in a variety of configurations, Rotobec have a solution for every conceivable application. The ELITE loader and all of its major components are designed and manufactured by Rotobec in North America. If you are looking to lift more in less time, look no further.

Rotobec HORIZON 920 Stationary Mount Loader – 4,865 kg lift capacity

The HORIZON Stationary Mount Loader is a unique solution for heavy duty applications requiring the precision of the ELITE, combined with the strength and durability of a much larger loader. Built using the highest quality materials, the HORIZON will not only survive, but thrive in even the most demanding environments. Equipped with standard dual swing motors and an integrated oil cooler, this loader can be pushed to the limit day in and day out, and it will continue to give you all you need and more. Reduce your downtime, increase your efficiency and add to your bottom line.

The 56kw electric motor gives you all the power you need while saving you a ton on your monthly energy bills. The power unit can be mounted remotely or integrated onto the loader platform, providing an unmatched level of flexibility.

Similar to the ELITE, the HORIZON provides users with amazingly smooth operation. The 221 bar operating pressure allows the HORIZON to achieve unmatched levels of precision. Spend less time re-positioning your loader and more time on what matters most: Working.

Rotobec OPTIMAX 950 Stationary Mount Loader – 9,700 kg lift capacity

The OPTIMAX Stationary Mount Loader truly pushes the boundaries of what was once thought possible of a mid-weight knuckle boom loader. In addition to Rotobec’s tough handling pedigree that comes standard in all of our loaders, they have engineered the OPTIMAX to be adaptable to every conceivable application and environment. The list of available options is incredibly extensive, making it without a doubt the most versatile loader of its kind. This highly efficient powerhouse offers a modern alternative to traditional diesel powered loaders that will significantly reduce your carbon footprint and save you thousands in annual operating costs.

The OPTIMAX Stationary Mount Knuckleboom Loader will not only save you thousands each year in operating expenses, it will also help you save the world. On average, an electric engine will emit 40%-50% less greenhouse gases than a comparable diesel engine. The electric engine can also help significantly reduce both noise and air pollution at your job site.

The cab of the OPTIMAX is the largest available in its class. An ergonomic seat and optional heating and A/C offer a comfortable place for your heavy equipment operator to spend their day. A pressurized cab can be added for extreme working environments.

Rotobec EVOLUTION 960/970 Stationary Mount Loader – 11,955 kg lift capacity

The EVOLUTION brings a level of toughness and efficiency like you have never seen. This loader is a heavy duty alternative to our OPTIMAX 950, designed for customers requiring increased lift at a distance. With an additional 19kw and 1.7m of standard reach, the EVOLUTION is able to achieve incredible lift capacity while offering the same cost savings you get from the OPTIMAX. Thanks to its compact design and four available configurations, there is literally no limit to the variety of applications or environments this loader will thrive in. Equipped with a load sensing control valve, hydraulic accumulator and the industry’s most spacious cab, the EVOLUTION gives you everything you need to perform your best.

The EVOLUTION is available in 4 different configurations. The power unit and the operator’s station can be installed remotely or directly onto the loader platform. This versatility allows for easy installation into any application or environment.

  • SM-X: Power unit on loader/Operator on loader – shown on the left
  • SM-R: Power unit remote/Operator remote
  • SM-W: Power unit on loader/Operator remote
  • SM-H: Power unit remote/Operator on loader

Rotobec TITAN 980 Stationary Mount Loader – 17,060 kg lift capacity

Whether you’re lifting logs, steel or anything in between, the TITAN Stationary Mount Loader can handle it with ease. Equipped with an 112kw high efficiency electric engine and a massive 63 inch bearing, this beast can generate a Best-in-class 17,000 kg of maximum lift capacity. Add on Rotobec’s own built in house high pressure cylinders and their heavy duty, reinforced booms and what you have is a loader that will get the job done right the first time, every time.

The efficiency of the TITAN gets another boost from the industry’s most advanced load sensing system. Rotobec’s load sensing system ensures that you have just the right amount of power you need at all times


Rotobec Log Grapple – Forestry Industry

For the last 40 years, Rotobec Log Grapples have been considered the logging industry benchmark for toughness and durability. Available in Standard Duty, Heavy Duty and Super Heavy Duty series, there is a Rotobec Log Grapple suited to every application. Equipped with Rotobec’s own high pressure cylinders, robust interlocking head structure and RT-Series watertight rotators, it is no wonder that the Rotobec Log Grapple has been out-lifting, out-lasting and out-performing the competition for decades.

Rotobec Log Grapples feature a unique shapethat allows wood to easily roll up the inner surface of the jaw. This feature allows material handler operators to achieve a round bunch every time, no matter how crooked the wood may be. Increase your efficiency and out-lift the competition every time.

Rotobec Combination Grapple – Forestry Industry

Forestry and mill operations often require a grapple capable of handling a variety of different types and volumes of wood. The Rotobec Combination Grapple features a bypassing jaw design that allows operators to easily and efficiently handle single logs or full cords of pulpwood. The unique jaw shape allows for optimal log rolling making it incredibly easy to grab a full load every time. Our Combination Grapples are also available with a positioned rotation which allows for an unbeatable level of control over your grapple and your load.