Sennebogen Electro-Hydraulic Drive Solutions

SENNEBOGEN has been implementing material handling machines with electric drives for over 65 years and this experience underlines its status as a leader in innovation. Compared with diesel engines, you can Save up to 50% operating cost, which contributes to rapid payback of the machine.

Benefits of the Sennebogen Electro-Hydraulic Drive Solutions

  1. Increased comfort during operation with vibration-free drives and low operating noise.
  2. High value retention through longer service life of the hydraulic components.
  3. Extremely environmentally-friendly, completely emission-free and no exhaust fumes.
  4. Extremely low operating costs thanks to low energy costs.
  5. Significantly longer maintenance intervals compared to diesel engines.
  6. Reduce maintenance costs, no need for fuel or oil.
  7. Always ready for use.
  8. Maximised productivity due to greater available working hours.
  9. No refuelling periods equates to less downtime and increased machine availability.