Log Yards, Milling, Saw Mills, Biomass, Land Clearing & Vegetation Control, Arboriculture

As a long time supporter and supplier of material handlers, forklifts, log handlers and attachments to the timber industry, PMH have the expertise to work with clients to deliver optimisations and efficiencies in operations.

From a Material handler perspective, SENNEBOGEN’s speed, stability and long reach are ideal for log-handling applications. Custom-built and equipped for your operation, our high-stacking capability instantly raises the roof of your yard to increase capacity and simplify inventory management.

A compact footprint with stable 360o lift radius allows efficient loading and faster mobility between tight rows. The exclusive maXCab elevating operator station allows a clear view to the top of infeed decks, trailer loads and log piles for accurate, smooth loading and sorting.

The machines can be configured & specialised for trailer-pulling applications in wood yards, saw mills and timber processing facilities. From a tree care or vegetation clearing application, SENNEBOGEN’s “game-changing’ tree care range with telescoping sticks are optimised with elevating Maxcab operator station allowing a clear view of the worksite and directly into the cutting zone for precise pruning, felling, trimming and stacking, all from the enclosed cab, with no additional ground crew, delivering safety and productivity.

The innovations and features

  • Excellent stability, even while moving, to load, sort and stack both tree length and CTL wood
  • Fast, powerful duty cycles to feed debarking, engineered wood and pole processing equipment
  • Nimble, cost effective pick & carry machines
  • High mobility to stack and move material for infeed for sawmills
  • High volume loading of chips to infeed at pulp mills
  • Precise feed to chipping and grinding equipment
  • Safely and quickly clear jams from conveyors and feed decks
  • Efficient infeed of logs and bulk materials for chippers and grinders
  • Sort material and load conveyors for energy production